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Attention Deficit Disorder

Does your child's teacher think your child has ADD/ADHD? Has it crossed your mind? Your child's diagnosis will depend on communication with your child's teacher as well as their pediatrician. Children have "bad days" such as not sitting still, trouble staying on task or focusing, but when these symptoms occur everyday at home and at school, your child may have ADD/ADHD.

Learn more about Attention Defecit Disorder from Cumberland PediatricsA diagnosis of ADD/ADHD begins with a licensed psychologist testing your child. These tests can help the psychologist determine if there are other problems such as depression, anxiety, oppositional behaviors, obsessive or compulsive behaviors, along with ADD/ADHD. After testing is completed, your provider will discuss with you what type of medication your child should take and the potential side effects. We strongly recommend medication and a structured environment at home and school if your child has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

Please take a moment to complete the parent/teacher Vanderbilt Assessment Forms below and bring them to your appointment.

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