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Turning to Medicine

Depending on your child's age and level of allergy sensitivity, there are some medications that can help during this time. As always, consult with your pediatrician first before starting any new medications; but these are a few options that can potentially help with allergy problems:

  • Decongestants: To help with stuffy noses and sinus pressure
  • Antihistamines: To help with runny noses, itchiness, and sneezing; often, these can have a drowsy effect, which should be used with caution
  • Nasal spray: To help with nasal issues specifically as a localized form of treatment

Again, depending upon the level of reactions your child experiences, it is important to discuss any medications with your pediatrician. Your doctor may even recommend more in-depth treatment, such as an inhaler, allergy shots, or other options for treating allergies throughout the year.